Kenneth, Customer Service Officer, standing in front of a light rail vehicle

Kenneth is a major asset to the Canberra Metro Operations team

28 April 2020

If you’re a regular patron of Canberra’s light rail, you have probably seen Customer Service Officer, Kenneth.

Since June 2019, he has made a great impression on light rail customers. The Canberra Metro Operations team have been overwhelmed with positive feedback and compliments about Kenneth.

Before Kenneth joined the CMET team he worked with Transport Canberra in customer service. He was able to bring his transferable skill set, including his experience working for Singapore’s public transport network, to the role which has allowed him to continue to follow his passion for public transport networks.

Kenneth’s love of public transport extends beyond his duties as a Customer Service Officer. He enjoys travelling and being a train and bus spotter, never missing an opportunity to observe, photograph and film public transport systems around the world including in Japan, Singapore, the UK, USA, China, and across Australia.

He is also active in public transport communities and committees in both Australia and Singapore and runs his own website with over 50,000 photos of buses across the world for other fellow transport enthusiasts to enjoy. Check it out here –

Recently completing his studies, Kenneth is a qualified lawyer and hopes to one day combine his love of transport with his long-term career goals to draft transport contracts, policies and legislation for Canberra.

Kenneth works hard to ensure his customer service goes above and beyond, often assisting visitors to our city by not only helping them navigate our public transport network but by also providing information about what is around Canberra for them to explore.

It is an incredibly difficult time to be a frontline worker and it is great to know that the Canberra community is being supported by staff who are “pleasurable and consumer based”, “incredibly delightful and hardworking” and as “cheerful and helpful” as Kenneth with a “love for the job and willingness to do well”.

Thanks Kenneth and great work!

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