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13 August 2020

Do you have COVID-19 symptoms - fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath - but feel a bit nervous about getting tested?

It’s natural to feel a little apprehensive, but rest assured the test shouldn’t be painful and takes just a few seconds. It has been described as a weird sensation and can either make you feel like laughing or sneezing.

Stacey from Gungahlin recently took her three children, all aged under 14, to get tested after unknowingly visiting a COVID-19 affected area.

The nurses are very experienced and focus on making the procedure as quick as possible. Stacey said getting tested was fine, and that the nurse was calm and kind, coaching them through what was happening. It was all over in 10 seconds.

“One of the kids was highly anxious, but even she was giggling afterwards. She didn’t love the test, but… it was all over before she really had much time to think about it,” Stacey said.

“All three of the kids got the giggles right after it was finished as it felt so odd. It made our eyes water but wasn’t really painful.”

After getting the test, the three children felt quite chuffed, like they had done their bit for society.

“They felt they were part of a bigger thing by getting tested,” the mother of three said.

Registered Nurse for Canberra Health Services Katy Speldewinde said that the test had slightly changed recently - it’s now shorter, less invasive and more comfortable.

There are eight COVID-19 testing sites in Canberra - you can find your nearest clinic, and find out more about getting tested, at

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