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CMAG front of house manager Danyka Van Buuren.

13 August 2020

Local Canberra businesses and venues are taking advantage of free COVID-19 Infection Control training to be COVID safe so they can stay open and keep people employed.

The training is available through local registered training organisations, such as CIT, and offers employees and business owners in customer-facing roles practical skills to keep their customers and themselves safe.

Danyka Van Buuren is the front of house manager for the Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG). She recently completed the COVID-19 Infection Control training and said it helped her have confidence in the venue’s policies and procedures.

“I work with a team of staff who deal with public interaction, visitor services, meet and greet, reception work, we do events and we also do some food handling.

“I decided to do the infection control training because we felt that while we’d made our COVID safe plan for our business, we wanted to ensure that we were doing absolutely everything we could to both keep the community safe, which is our number one priority, and operate the business as best as possible so we could keep people employed.

“COVID-19 is this invisible thing that you don’t know where it is or what it’s doing or how it might get in, and learning about the modes of transmission and chain of infection and where you can act to control those things certainly provides a lot more clarity and a lot more confidence for me.

“I think the training was a really good opportunity and I think people in similar roles – front facing roles – would benefit a lot from this. One of the great things about it was the number of resources that were available,” said Danyka.

CMAG has also taken advantage of the ACT Government’s fact sheets and posters available on the COVID-19 website for businesses. You can find the resources on the Signs and Factsheets page.

The COVID-19 Infection Control training is targeted for customer-facing workers (including business owners and supervisors) who require the skills and knowledge to decrease the risk of and transmission of infection while carrying out their daily duties.

Places are prioritised for those working in the retail, tourism, transport and logistics, hospitality, cleaning, security service, aged and disability sectors.

To find out more about the training go to the Skills Canberra website.

It’s great to see businesses like CMAG doing everything they can to keep the community safe so they can stay open and keep people employed.

Restrictions have eased but our responsibilities haven’t. To find out more as well as business support and advice visit or call the COVID Helpline 02 6207 7244.

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