The ACT Government is rolling out a pilot program called Love Food Hate Waste.

26 August 2020

Does your household bin fill up quicker than you would like it to? Well, you’re not alone.

On average, ACT households waste up to $3,800 every year by throwing away food that could have been eaten but wasn’t.

The ACT Government is rolling out a pilot program called Love Food Hate Waste to raise awareness about food waste, and to inspire Canberra residents to find ways to reduce food waste.

While Canberrans will always have peels, cores and scraps, the program is about reducing the amount of ‘avoidable’ food waste, ensuring the food we buy goes in our mouths and not in the bin.

Reducing food waste can be as simple as making a meal plan, fine-tuning your shopping list and sticking to it, storing food well and using up leftovers.

Thinking about how you shop, eat and store our food will not only save money, it will also help create a more sustainable lifestyle.

Try these tips to reduce food waste:

  • Check portion sizes and only cook the amount of food you’re going to eat.
  • Help kids serve themselves from a central platter - this will reduce ’plate waste’ which often gets thrown away.
  • Put leftovers aside for tomorrow’s lunch, or freeze for a future meal.
  • Transform your leftovers into a new meal.
  • Try to get creative with the food you have left in the fridge by searching for recipes starting with those ingredients.

The National Food Waste Strategy aims to halve Australia’s food waste by 2030. Love Food Hate Waste is a part of the ACT’s response to help achieve that goal.

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