Rainbow roundabout

The rainbow roundabout, at the intersection of Elouera and Lonsdale Street.

11 August 2020

The rainbow roundabout, previously described as “the most Canberra thing ever,” has been named the international roundabout of the year by the United Kingdom’s Roundabout Appreciation Society.

The Braddon roundabout was painted in the rainbow colours of the pride flag in 2017 to celebrate Canberra’s “yes” vote in the marriage equality postal survey.

Anne-Marie Delahunt, chair of the LGBTIQ ministerial advisory council, told The Canberra Times in 2017 that the rainbow flag and the rainbow colours were an affirmation of the LGBTIQ community.

Roundabout Appreciation Society president Kevin Beresford praised Canberra’s commitment to roundabouts and told The Canberra Times that the Braddon roundabout's uniqueness caught the eye of the society's committee.

"We've not seen anything like it. That's what appealed to our committee, the fact that it was so unique, and it hasn't been done before," Mr Beresford said.

The rainbow roundabout will feature on the December page in Mr Beresford’s annual Roundabouts of the World calendar which sells thousands of copies per year.

Fun Facts

  • There are more than 800 roundabouts in the ACT.
  • Roundabouts are often the preferred intersection control type for moderate to high traffic volumes where they provide safer and more efficient control than GIVE WAY or STOP controlled intersections. When traffic volumes are high, or the traffic arriving at the intersection is unbalanced, traffic signals are likely to be needed.
  • Small roundabouts are often used on lower-volume residential streets as a traffic calming measure by breaking up long road sections.
  • Roundabouts do not actually have to be round. They can even be peanut-shaped.
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