Phil Sacksady

Phil Sacksady, co-owner of The Meating Room in Weston.

26 August 2020

Even with physical distancing in place, The Meating Room in Weston continues to deliver a fun atmosphere for catch-ups, after-match drinks and dining.

“I fell in love straight away with this space and could see we could make it work as a café, bar and grill,” said Phil Sacksady, the Canberra born and bred co-owner behind the popular suburban eatery.

“The sense of community is really strong in Canberra and we have a lot of community support. We are almost like a big country town.”

The Meating Room brings cool to the suburbs with co-owners Phil, Robii and Hamish immortalised in a wall mural while the colourful exposed pipes give off an industrial vibe.

“COVID has been a difficult time as we were doing so well,” says Phil.

“We had to change our business model to takeaway and make sure we could get supplies to keep people safe, like hand sanitiser.

“We have used the ACT Health checklist to make sure we complied with everything that has been outlined.

“When we first come in each day we mop again and clean all the surfaces including the chairs and tables and we check that all the hand sanitiser is topped up.

“While operating, we really make sure all the high traffic surfaces are cleaned including the door handles, till area, tables, chairs and before we seat someone again.

“We have posters around reminding people of what to do as well as sanitiser stations at each entrance and we are constantly doing head counts.

“Safety is our number one priority and we want to keep everyone safe and happy at this time.”

Phil takes his coffee very seriously too and decided to choose a local roaster during COVID-19 to support other local businesses.

“The love and support from our community has been so important,” Phil said, resting his hand on his chest.

“So we decided to choose local wherever we could, and we selected local coffee roaster Cosmorex, which has been great.

“I encourage people to make a booking as it just makes it easier for us to determine how many people we can have within a certain sitting, if you just rock up it is going to be a little more difficult to seat you.”

The Meating Room is on Liardet Street, Weston.

To find out more on business resources, services and support available visit or call the Business Advice Line 02 6205 0900.

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