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GIVIT ACT Community Coordinator Kristi Clark.

21 August 2020

For non-for-profit organisations like Toora Women Inc, receiving any kind of support is not taken for granted.

So, when Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS) relocated to a new building, they didn’t want to miss the opportunity to rehome and repurpose items from their old office building, such as kitchen appliances, toasters and stationery.

By reaching out to GIVIT, TCCS were able to donate the items to charities in need, including Louisa Domestic Violence Service and Toora Women Inc.

GIVIT connects charities with services and donated goods such as household, school items and office supplies within a virtual warehouse. People who are facing hardship will receive these items to allow them to set up a new home.

“We are incredibly grateful to the ACT Government because we're seeing a huge need for household items, for technology items, for everything from bed linen to cutlery, to pots and pans, that could find a new home for somebody who really needs it,” GIVIT ACT Community Coordinator Kristi Clark said.

GIVIT ACT Community Coordinator Kristi Clark.

Toora Women Inc provides homelessness, domestic violence and alcohol and other drug health treatment services to more than 460 women and children each year.

Majeinola Bitani of Toora Women Inc said the donated items were very important for the women, as they were essential to help start their new life and to feel as if they had been supported.

Lina Zhang, a Multicultural Specialist Worker with the Louisa Domestic Violence Service, also emphasised the importance of the donations.

“It's very important for our organisation and our clients to get support from GIVIT because most of our clients want to start a new life, but they just couldn't afford the stuff like furniture, and appliances,” she said.

Avoiding waste to landfill is also important. By reusing and rehoming unwanted goods we can all do our bit to help our community and our environment.

If you would like to donate to GIVIT, head to https://www.givit.org.au/donate-items.

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