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17 February 2020

A completely revamped ward for haematology and cancer patients will be officially launched at Canberra Hospital.

The ward’s design was informed by suggestions from patients, their families and staff. It features a dining room for patients, families and carers as well as day beds where families and carers can stay overnight.

The new state-of-the-art ward (14A) features new medical equipment and furnishings. The number of single rooms available has also been expanded for cancer and haematology patients, some of whom can spend months in hospital undergoing acute and debilitating treatments.

There is a focus on ensuring patient privacy, better infection control and the promotion of recovery.

Several nursing staff visited other new cancer centres around Australia to learn from them what worked well. Features include:

  • Medication cupboards along the corridors to reduce the travel for nurses;
  • Day beds in each room to allow patients to be comfortably out of bed and for their loved ones to stay if required; and
  • More natural light.

Ward 14A will also be the first ward to take advantage of improved clinical storage systems and the use of digital patient boards in each room.

The redevelopment features positive pressure environments to reduce the risk of infection to immune-suppressed patients as they move around the ward. The rooms are designed so that air flows out rather than in, keeping airborne bacteria away.

These changes will allow us to build on the exceptional care our staff provide to inpatients by providing a more comfortable environment for them and for those who support them.

The new ward will be connected to the neighbouring Canberra Region Cancer Centre by a new walkway extending the central corridor. While Ward 14A will shortly receive patients, Ward 14B is not expected to be completed until later in the year.

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