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Light rail peak services and frequency expanded.

06 February 2020

Canberra’s light rail service is proving to be even more popular than expected. To keep up with demand, the peak travel periods in the morning and afternoon have now been expanded and further improvements are planned as part of the new public transport network the Government is aiming to introduce on 28 April 2020.

Due to its popularity, we are also seeing some crowding on our peak services in both the morning and afternoons.

Light rail customers will now see:

  • a half hour extension of the southbound morning peak services (every 6-minutes) from
    7am – 9am to 7am – 9.30am; and
  • a substantial extension of the afternoon peak services (every 6-minutes) from
    4pm – 6pm to 3pm – 6.30pm (to Gungahlin) and 4pm - 5.30pm to 3.30pm to 6pm (to City)

In addition, to coincide with the updated bus timetable aimed for introduction from 28 April 2020, light rail services will be expanding. This will see:

  • increased frequency to every five minutes during the morning weekday peak;
  • increased afternoon weekday peak period to 7pm (to Gungahlin); and 6.30pm (to City)
  • earlier commencement of services from 7am (rather than 8am) on Sundays and public holidays.

In a typical week, 90,000 customers use Canberra’s light rail network. This is well ahead of forecasts, and higher even than was expected for 2021.

Over 3.5 million customers have used the service since its introduction last year. Due to its popularity, we are also seeing some crowding on our peak services in both the morning and afternoons.

With the expansion of peak periods and the move to a 5-minute timetable during peaks, a further 155 light rail services will be added every week, taking the total number of light rail services to more than 1,600 every week.

Since the introduction of the new integrated public transport network, and the launch of light rail in April last year, more people are using public transport across the city with a 7.1% increase in journeys over the last 3 months compared with the same period last year.

The increase in services will help encourage even more Canberrans to leave their cars at home and take advantage of the convenience of public transport in the ACT.

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