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Extending the light rail to Woden.

17 February 2020

The next stage of the light rail network, between the city and Commonwealth Park, will use wireless infrastructure and on-board green energy storage systems.

Sections of the next stage of the track, including along Commonwealth Avenue, will be grassed to maintain Canberra’s iconic city views.

The extension is due to open in 2024 and will add 1.7km of track along the western side of London Circuit and onto Commonwealth Avenue, finishing at Commonwealth Park.

The following stage, sections of which will also be wire-free, will connect Commonwealth Park to Woden.

Passenger experience and sustainability are key considerations in the design as the ACT Government continues to work closely with the community and businesses to take their feedback on board.

Investment in innovative green technologies is set to bring many advantages for Canberrans.

Implementing wire-free running for the light rail vehicles will preserve city views and one of Canberra’s most iconic and nationally significant roads – Commonwealth Avenue.

The sections of grass track will also offer an attractive visual aspect as well as helping the ACT’s ambitious sustainability agenda by enabling cooler city temperatures, among other benefits.

The light rail vehicles’ on-board green energy storage systems are another innovative design feature helping the ACT achieve the goal of light rail running on 100% renewable energy.

Vehicles running on the wireless tracks will be powered by large batteries which store energy from the existing renewably-powered grid and their own regenerative braking.

The light rail to Woden project has also completed the first Federal Government planning requirement, with decisions made on the next steps in the environmental assessment processes for both Stage 2A to Commonwealth Park and Stage 2B to Woden.

Stage 2A to Commonwealth Park remains on track to be delivered in 2024 while Stage 2B progresses through a broader approvals process.

Stage 2B will continue the light rail line to Woden via a new Commonwealth Bridge and the Parliamentary Triangle.

The ACT Government is anticipated to enter into a contract for the Stage 2A extension in the second half of 2020, with the initial enabling works expected to begin towards the end of the year.

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