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If you're looking for a cheaper, low-carbon alternative for commuting, errand running or transporting your children, then the new Canberra Electric Bike Library has a bike for you.

31 July 2020

Thanks to the new Canberra Electric Bike Library, cycling around Canberra has never been easier.

The library allows Canberrans interested in e-bikes, also known as electric bikes, a chance to try them before investing in one.

The library, run by SEE-Change and supported by the ACT Government, aims to encourage Canberrans to switch to pedal-power for transport.

E-bikes help Canberra become a greener city by reducing our carbon footprint and are a great way to improve your own physical and mental wellbeing.

With a range of bikes available depending on individual need, the library caters to all lifestyles.

If you need a bike for fast and efficient commuting, there are standard e-bikes available. If you want to take kids, pets, groceries and other precious goods with you then the cargo style bikes will suit you well.

The bikes come fitted with accessories such as child seats, bike backpacks, lights and locks so you can run any errand with ease. The e-bikes will help you ride up even the steepest of streets, no matter the weight of your cargo.

Whether you would like to try a bike for carrying heavy loads, an electric cargo bike to use as a second car alternative, or a family bike, there’s something for everyone to try.

Those interested in borrowing an e-bike from the library can email CBRebikelibrary@SEE-Change.org.au.

Bikes will be available to borrow for a two-week period, without charge except for a small fee for Personal Accident Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.

For more information on the e-bike library, visit www.see-change.org.au/cbrebikelibrary.

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