People speaking different languages

According to the most recent ABS census data, there are nearly 40,000 households in the ACT where a non-English language is spoken.

17 July 2020

More than one in five Australian households speak a language other than English. That’s why it’s vital that everyone in the ACT community is aware of important COVID-19 information, no matter what language they speak or can understand.

If you have a family or community member who doesn’t speak English as their first language you can direct them to the translated resources page on the ACT COVID-19 website.

This page has important messaging in multiple languages, and links to the SBS multilingual portal and helpful Australian Government resources.

Many non-English speaking groups have been unable to gather or meet for cultural or religious reasons during the COVID-19 crisis. On top of that, people in Canberra who aren't proficient in English tend to be older, having started speaking it as adults, and older people are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.

It is important that no one in the community misses out on important updates. This can increase their risk of contracting COVID-19 and transmitting the virus unknowingly.

The translated resources page can be found at:

All Canberra

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