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The Jobs for Canberrans Fund was established for people in the casual or semi-skilled workforce who lost their jobs or have been significantly impacted due to COVID-19.

22 July 2020

The Jobs for Canberrans program has assisted hundreds of people gain employment opportunities as part of our city’s response to COVID-19.

One of these recruits, Claire Zhu, is now ensuring more Canberrans have the chance to gain a job through the program.

A recent Jobs for Canberrans recruit is now herself assisting others with their application process to join the program.

A Masters in Financial Management graduate, Claire joined the Jobs for Canberrans project team in July to support the administration of the Fund.

As an international student in her final semester at the Australian National University and holding a casual job in hospitality at a local sporting venue, Claire vividly recalls the moment the COVID-19 pandemic truly hit home.

“It was 15 March and I was listening to the Prime Minister announce the cancellation of all large sporting events. I realised I was suddenly unemployed,” says Claire.

“Finding casual work whilst studying had proven to be very difficult so losing my only job was a major worry. I had never been so nervous about my future post graduation.”

Claire spotted the Jobs for Canberrans announcement and having an interest in the public service and internship experience in administration decided to give it a shot.

“I wasn’t really sure of my career path and the Jobs for Canberrans program looked an excellent opportunity to get really good exposure working in the public service, so I double-checked the eligibility conditions and then went for it.”

Claire has first-hand knowledge of the program’s recruitment process and enjoys all aspects of supporting the Jobs for Canberrans program from taking meeting minutes and preparing agendas to liaising with stakeholders and managing the applications inbox.

“To work on such an aspirational program is so exciting. I love my job and my manager is really supportive.

“Personally, I really appreciate the cross-agency exposure this program provides. It’s fantastic experience for a new graduate and opens multiple pathways. I studied Finance at Uni so am hoping to work on budgeting at a later stage.

“I would encourage anyone considering applying to the Jobs for Canberrans fund to do so. Who knows where the opportunity might take you!”

The Jobs for Canberrans Fund was established in April 2020 to provide employment opportunities for people in the casual or semi-skilled workforce who lost their jobs or have been significantly impacted due to COVID-19.

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