Chris Carpenter (pictured) from Lark Hill

Chris Carpenter (pictured) from Lark Hill.

09 July 2020

Today, the doors to many of Canberra’s businesses are open. Breweries are serving up cold beers, grocery shelves are stocked, and wineries have reopened their cellar doors. However, what happens tomorrow is in your hands - businesses don’t want to close their doors again.

Laurence Kain from Capital Brewing Co was one of many local businesses impacted not only by the temporary closure of his venue, but by the impacts of COVID-19 restrictions on other Australian businesses.

“We had to shut the tap room. And the 550 licensed premises we sell to up and down the East Coast of Australia all closed at the same time,” he said.

“We had a 50 per cent drop in revenue straight away.”

COVID-19 was yet another significant setback for Lark Hill’s Chris Carpenter, following the detrimental effects of smoke-taint on his vineyard. He’s celebrating the small wins following a tough 2020.

“With the reopening of premises in Canberra in early June, I had the most wonderful afternoon in months. I took a ute-load of wine to personally deliver it and was met with restaurateurs with giant smiles on their faces,” he said.

“I saw people with a light ahead of them rather than worry. It’s been a joy to see people reopening to overwhelming demand.”

Daniel Raad from The Cook Grocer is one of many local businesses going above and beyond to support local producers, who have been impacted by a year of unprecedented events. Introducing online and telephone ordering, as well as home delivery, this grocer is a lifeline for many small businesses around the region.

“We support over 75 Canberra producers in the store now. We think of it as our mission to provide them with a retail space, to provide their products,” he said.

Businesses across the territory are relying on support from Canberrans to ensure they can recover from this difficult period. Every local purchase goes a long way, not just helping that neighbourhood business, but also their suppliers, their handyman, the barista that fuels their working days and the personal trainer that barista works out with.

However, these businesses are also relying on Canberrans to follow COVIDsafe guidelines.

Enjoy the best of Canberra but please be mindful. Don’t let your complacency set us all back.

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