Aris Building Services owners

Josie Lanzetta (left), Aris Building Services owners Jo and Pete Arvonen (middle), and second in charge Michael Lanzetta (right, Josie’s husband).

08 July 2020

COVID-19 has thrown up several challenges for our city, but it’s also presented a range of new opportunities.

For Canberra-based construction company Aris Building Services, it’s provided an opportunity to improve community services in the city they call home.

The small Canberra-based business has been operating for 26 years under the same owners Peter & Joanne Arvonen, who are a husband and wife team.

“We love everything about Canberra,” said Joanne. “The winter blue skies are magnificent and fresh and Pete definitely loves playing golf in our beautiful city.”

Three staff from Aris Building Services recently completed works at the Woden Youth Centre, installing stainless steel grab rails and ramps to improve accessibility in the centre. The staff also undertook improvement works on the Centre’s kitchen.

However, COVID-19 presented some additional challenges to the works.

“COVID altered the way we have to work with our staff and the additional responsibilities for their safety,” said Joanne.

“We carried out numerous toolbox talks and were required to have the teams work in smaller numbers to follow all social distancing guidelines.”

“We have an awesome team around us who are diligent and produce quality works. It’s easy to remain upbeat when you know you’ve got the right team around you.”

The Woden Youth Centre is one of nine Canberra community centres to receive improvements under the ACT Government’s Fast Track infrastructure program. The $35 million program is delivering jobs and supporting local business, whilst providing immediate benefit to the local community.

For more information about the Fast Track program, visit

To find out about help, advice and support during the COVID-19 situation head to

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