Michael Anderson from Brindabella Hills Winery

Michael Anderson from Brindabella Hills Winery (pictured).

30 June 2020

Local businesses have been forced to transform the way they work, change their products and adapt their service offering to stay afloat during this difficult year.

Michael Anderson from Brindabella Hills Winery was one of many from the Canberra region who has been impacted not only by COVID-19 restrictions, but also by a summer of unprecedented natural disasters.

“2020 really has been an absolute shocker. Drought, fires. We were the only Canberra District Winery to lose all our grapes in the January hailstorm,” he said.

“All grape growers then found out they lost what fruit they had to smoke taint from the fires.”

When COVID-19 restrictions were at their height, Thea Bollington (pictured below) from Meet Gather Collect temporarily closed the doors to her Aranda store.

MeetGatherCollect owner

“We have seen a massive drop in business. We were lucky to already have online sales set up … but it’s just not the same as connecting with people face to face,” she said.

“We had to cancel all our workshops. It has been tough.”

The fitness industry was also turned on its head. Oliver Wiederkehr (pictured below) from Gym To You says his motivation to keep his business alive was driven by the support he received from the Canberra community.

Lowres-GymToYou TRAINER

“For me, it was fear of failure that kept me going. Clients relied on me, on their fitness. So we never stopped. We kept going,” he said.

“The clients that did stay on were extremely supportive and work has started to increase again.”

Businesses across the territory are relying on support from Canberrans to ensure they can recover from this difficult period. Every decision you make on where to spend your money, has the potential to help Canberra recover from COVID-19.

For more information on how you can help, visit www.act.gov.au/chooselocalcbr.

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