Light Rail officer Lorena

If you've ever needed assistance while using Canberra's light rail, you've most likely spoken to Lorena.

10 June 2020

If you’ve ever needed assistance while using Canberra’s light rail, you’ve most likely spoken to Lorena, one of Canberra Metro Operations’ (CMET) customer service officers. She also works in the CMET control room as a customer information officer, making announcements and helping customers who call in.

Lorena first applied to CMET because she wanted to use her customer service skills somewhere new and fresh “that would only get bigger and better”. She has been with CMET since April 2019, where she enjoys meeting and helping people, and finding new ways to help them in the future.

While the impact of COVID-19 has limited the ability to help customers in an up close and personal way, Lorena has been working hard to assist people through other avenues, and continue the important work of providing light rail services, “because whenever you are experiencing change of any sort, it’s the normal things we do that helps pull you through, and in a way that says it will be all okay”.

In her downtime, Lorena enjoys spending time with her family and new kittens. She especially enjoys building LEGO projects, or sitting back to relax with a movie from her massive DVD collection.

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