A man throwing his banana peel into the bin.

It will be easier to dispose of rubbish or recycling as extra bins are installed in high use areas.

28 February 2020

An extra 50 waste and 124 recycling bins are being installed in open spaces across Canberra to help reduce littering and encourage recycling.

You will see them in high use areas including transport interchanges, near fast food outlets, in parks and outside shopping centres.

The new bins will help to keep our city clean and improve the environment.

An extra rubbish collection will also begin in line with the addition of extra bins to help ensure our public areas remain tidy.


Only empty containers, paper, cardboard, bottles and cans belong in the recycling bin.

Remember to remove lids and ensure containers are empty of food or liquid before putting them in the bin.

Other waste, including food scraps, polystyrene and soft plastics, should go in the waste to landfill bins.

Please do not dispose of the following in any kerbside bin:

Visit the Recyclopaedia to find out what to do with all of these things and many more at www.act.gov.au/recyclopaedia

Downloadable posters and signs on choosing the right bin, including guides in languages other than English, are available at https://www.cityservices.act.gov.au/recycling-and-waste/waste-signage

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