Two ride-on lawnmowers working next to a footpath.

Hard working mowing crews are taking control of the rapid grass growth in our open spaces and suburban areas.

05 March 2020

Recent widespread rainfall has resulted in rapid grass growth across the city which has brought Canberra’s mowing crews out in force this month. Our crews are working six-day weeks to make sure our suburbs and open spaces are in pristine shape for the recreational and social needs of the community.

Mowing across our city has been sporadic, with extreme heat conditions impacting our summer mowing schedule.

Widespread rain over the past few weeks has led to rapid growth and the return of grass across the city, something that hasn’t been prevalent over recent months.

Mowing is underway along arterial roads and in parks and open spaces in suburban areas across North and South Canberra.

Our mowing crews are on track to complete all scheduled mowing by the end of March..

Residents are expected to mow and maintain the nature strip adjacent to their property. For information about nature strips please visit the City Services web page about nature strips.

For more information on mowing in the ACT, visit

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