The club upgrades have created a safer space for rowers to use.

The club upgrades have created a safer space for rowers to use.

05 March 2020

The Lake Tuggeranong Rowing Club has reopened following extensive renovations.

The club, which is based at Lake Tuggeranong College, was temporarily closed to allow for the addition of new showers and toilets, upgraded changerooms and improved storage areas for the club and the school.

Building improvements ensure the site is now compliant with the Building Code and Territory regulations.

As well as providing a functional facelift, the renovations have improved safety. It is now safer for the college to store and retrieve large teaching items.

An additional access door will also mean it will be easier for rowers to manoeuvre long boats, reducing the risk of injury.

Lake Tuggeranong Rowing Club offers rowing programs for junior, senior and masters rowers with a well-balanced social and competitive environment.

The community-based club has been operating for nearly 25 years in a facility that arose through a partnership with Lake Tuggeranong College.

The upgrades were a collaborative ACT Government effort between the Sport and Recreation unit, the Education Directorate, Lake Tuggeranong College and Libraries ACT.

The ACT Government committed $200,000 for this renovation in the 2018-19 Budget, which was bolstered by a $125,000 grant for the Lake Tuggeranong Rowing Club through the Sport and Recreation Grants Program in 2018.

The Education Directorate has also provided funding and support to the project.

Interested in joining the Lake Tuggeranong Rowing club? Download a membership form on the club’s website.

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