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Canberra has begun to move into the recovery phase of the response to COVID-19.

28 May 2020

COVID-19 has tested Canberra, just as it has tested every other city in the world. It has required significant public health measures and put a strain on the economy and community.

Canberra has responded well, and the spread of the virus has been effectively suppressed.

The pandemic is not over though, and it won’t be for some time.

The next phase of the response involves learning to manage the health risks, whilst driving the recovery of the city - from the economy through to wellbeing.

The Recovery Plan also includes more jobs for Canberrans. $25 million of fast-tracked infrastructure projects will continue to be rolled-out, and even more Canberra families will be supported through the Jobs for Canberrans fund. Another 100 people will commence jobs in the ACT public service in the coming weeks, and more temporary roles will be advertised online.

Major infrastructure projects will also play an important role in Canberra’s recovery. Canberrans can expect to see work on the expansion of the Canberra Hospital campus, early works on light rail stage 2A and consultation on CIT in Woden in the weeks ahead.

The COVID-19 Easing of Restrictions Roadmap was released this week. This roadmap is a comprehensive timeline on what restrictions, put in place in March this year, will be lifted and when.

Every state and territory is different, and the roadmap considers the current environment for Canberrans. It is based on the advice of public health experts and economists on how to gradually reopen the local economy while sustaining low case numbers over the next few months.

Remember the best way you can protect yourself and others is by keeping 1.5m physical distance and practising good hand and respiratory hygiene.

To view the roadmap and stay up-to-date with COVID-19 announcements in the ACT, head to the COVID-19 website.

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