Canberran completing their transaction online.

The only transaction that cannot be completed online is obtaining a new driver licence.

13 May 2020

We clicked, Canberra. We made changes to how we delivered our services and you liked it!

Last month, more than 141,000 online transactions were completed as Access Canberra enhanced its digital services in response to COVID-19.

For the first time, the only transaction which could not be completed online was obtaining a new driver licence.

For everything else, Canberrans could do it from the comfort of their home, at any time of the day – or night.

This includes vehicle establishments and transfers.

Access Canberra introduced new easy to use digital forms, refreshed its web advice, deferred medical and eye tests for six months, and introduced number plate delivery.

The Contact Centre call team (13 22 81) are supporting and guiding Canberrans over the phone who may be unsure of how to transact online.

The service changes saw more than 124,000 online page views from Canberrans seeking advice on the new vehicle transaction processes and compliance requirements.

In addition, 3,935 Canberrans gave themselves a birthday present, taking just two minutes to renew their driver's licence online.

With license renewal typically falling on a driver’s birthday, people can renew a few months prior to expiry without the need for a reminder.

Canberrans continue to choose online as their preferred way to pay for rates and land tax with nearly 40,000 transactions this April.

The uptake in online transactions and advice is the ultimate physical distancing.

It also provides more time for staff at Access Canberra Service Centres to support Canberrans who need extra assistance during COVID-19. Thank you, Canberra!

More than 450 transactions are available for you to access online or over the phone today:

Please be patient with us. Transaction processing and service delivery may take longer at this time, but we are all in this together.

For more information, visit the Access Canberra website.

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