Autumn leaves

You can do your bit to keep our streets and lakes clean and tidy with these handy Autumn gardening tips for leaves.

28 May 2020

As we reach the end of autumn and winter approaches, you may be one of the many Canberrans wondering what to do with the thick blanket of colourful leaves covering your lawn or garden.

This year, through a combination of street-sweeping and bulk leaf removal, the ACT Government expects to collect roughly 17,000 tonnes of leaf litter.  This work is essential to prevent the blockage of storm drains, and keep the leaves out of Canberra waterways, as excessive nutrient levels in the water can cause extra algae growth which disrupts the entire water ecosystem.

You can do your bit to keep our streets and lakes clean and tidy with these handy Autumn gardening tips for leaves:

Mulch them!

Leaves can be mulched along with grass clippings and plant prunings to make a nutrient-rich compost for your garden beds.  Leaf compost can prevent weed growth, and cut down on water loss, saving you time and reducing your water bill.

Get a green waste bin!

Green waste bins are an easy way to dispose of your excess leaves and other garden waste! Over 79,000 Canberrans already have green waste bins, and you can get one too, by registering online or phone Access Canberra on 13 22 81. Registration is a one off $50 fee, or free for eligible concession cardholders, and your bin will be delivered within five days of registration. Green waste bins are collected fortnightly on alternate weeks to your recycling bins.

Drop them off!

If you still have too many autumn leaves to handle, they can be dropped off for free, along with other garden waste at the green waste facilities at Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre, or Canberra Sand and Gravel at Parkwood Road, Holt. The Canberra Sand and Gravel facility at Mitchell also accepts garden waste for recycling, for a small charge. Leaf litter must be free of soil, rocks and other inorganic materials.

Find out more about how to use your green waste, and why we need to keep it out of streets and storm drains.

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