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The new nature play spaces will be ready for kids to use in July this year.

08 May 2020

Construction has started on a new nature play space at Kambah Adventure Playground, with elements for climbing, balancing and sand play.

The design at Kambah is based on a shell, with a range of play areas connected by rock and log steppers surrounding a central open area which will feature drums, totem poles and some bright nature-based artwork.

Logs will be recycled from local infrastructure projects to create a planted tunnel for the kids to enjoy running through which will be a first for a play space in the ACT.

Work on the new nature play space at Yerrabi Pond District Park will start in coming weeks which will have an aquatic theme, featuring a central climbable turtle and paying homage to the local species that call our rivers, creeks and lakes home.

The new space will be located adjacent to the skate bowls in the park and additional trees will be planted to provide shade in the summer months.

Children’s musical talent will also be sparked by this play space with percussion instruments to be a key feature as well as a sandpit, balancing equipment and natural log and boulder steppers

These new play areas add to Canberra’s extensive playground network and will enhance children’s physical health and wellbeing by providing opportunities to develop their imagination, as well as their social and motor skills.

Construction on the new nature play spaces will be completed in July 2020 (weather permitting).

In addition to the new nature play spaces, a range of amenity upgrades and refresh works are also under way on 50 playgrounds and three basketball courts across the ACT as construction continues across the Territory.

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