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If you choose to use open public spaces, it is your responsibility to maintain physical distance.

20 May 2020

Slip, slop, slap. No hat, no play. Stop, look, listen. Everyone knows the basic rules of fun outdoors, but as playgrounds, public BBQs and other facilities start to reopen to the public there are a few new guidelines to familiarise yourself with.

Before and after play, wash the germs away.
It’s not quite as catchy as some other playground rules, but it’s just as important. When using playground equipment or shared outdoor cooking facilities, it is important for everyone to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser before and after touching these surfaces.

Ten is the magic number.
When visiting public facilities, enjoying picnics or exploring a park do not congregate in groups of more than ten people. If there are already ten people playing, avoid making a crowd and try again another time.

Physical distancing is a must.
If you choose to use open public spaces, it is your responsibility to maintain physical distance (1.5 metres between yourself and others). Use your judgement and leave a site if it is too crowded and you can’t keep your distance. There are lots of imaginative ways to visualise 1.5m - why not try to keep five echidnas between yourself and others?

Unwell? Stay home.
Please do not enter or use shared spaces like playgrounds, skateparks, outdoor fitness stations or dog parks if you are unwell. Rest and recovery at home when possible, accessing health services at needed.

Restrictions have eased, but your responsibility hasn’t. Remember these four rules and we’ll be stronger together, Canberra.

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