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Bus Driver Enrique Fernandez located a missing woman while on his daily route.

02 November 2020

Transport Canberra bus driver Enrique Fernandez became a local hero last week when he located a missing woman whilst on his daily route.

Enrique was travelling near Page on Wednesday, 21 October when he heard a message over the Transport Canberra radio system about an elderly woman who had gone missing and was last seen near Macgregor.

Soon afterwards he saw a woman that matched the description trying to cross a busy road. Fearing she would get hit by a car, he explained to his passengers that he needed to stop and help.

He said her face lit up when he explained he was there to help.

“She didn’t know where she was, she was happy she had been found,” he said.

“My mum suffers from dementia as well, so I know what’s going on.”

Enrique said he felt immensely rewarded to have been able to help the woman, who was safely returned to her family shortly thereafter.

Enrique, a former cabinet maker, moved to Canberra in 2012 from Spain.

“I really wanted to be a bus driver, so I went to the interview three times - I fought really hard to get the job,” he said.

“I really enjoy the job a lot. I like the driving, and I like the company.

“I really enjoy the chats with the other drivers, they are good people. I'm pretty cheeky, too - I’m always mucking around with them.”

Enrique said driving a bus could be complicated at times and that you needed a lot of patience.

“You just have to relax and keep on going. Because you carry passengers, you have to take care of the passengers. The safety of the passengers is an important thing,” he said.

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