Canberra has been named the best Australian city for bike riding.

Canberra has been named the best Australian city for bike riding.

06 November 2020

Congratulations Canberra! Our capital has been declared the best city in Australia for bike riding – and on par with world cities such as Paris, Brooklyn and Boulder, Colorado.

We Ride Australia rated every Australian capital city using the Bicycle Transport Analysis (BTA) system, scoring Canberra 61 out of 100 for bike accessibility.

Using public data to rate how easily people can bike to the places they want to go, our trails (81), parks (80), grocery stores (71) and schools (70) were the locations rated most accessible via bikes.

In comparison, Melbourne came second with a score of 44 and Sydney a close third with 43.

We Ride’s international partners rated more than 650 cities across the globe, with Crested Butte, USA (88), and Knokke, Belgium (87) taking out the top spots. Canberra outperformed cities such as Toronto (36), Ottawa (51), Odense, Denmark (59), Dallas (7), Honolulu (15), and Lyon, France (57).

Paris (61), Brooklyn (60) and Boulder, Colorado (63) were comparable to Canberra’s score of 61.

Canberra has been named the best Australian city for bike riding.

A physically distanced mode of transport and environmentally friendly alternative to driving, bike riding has seen an increase in 2020.

With recent investments in an e-bike library and bike repair stations in the city and Braddon, riding around Canberra has never been easier.

The Belconnen Bikeway is set to open in the next month completing another missing link to make riding even more convenient before the end of 2020.

Also included in the rating was Canberra’s mountain bike venues and off-road trail network in our nature parks and reserves.

The full list of Australian capital cities and scores:

  1. Canberra (61)
  2. Melbourne (44)
  3. Sydney (43)
  4. Brisbane (40)
  5. Perth (40)
  6. Adelaide (39)
  7. Darwin (35)
  8. Hobart (28)

You can read more about bike riding in Canberra and plan your next cycling trip here.

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