Want to have some skele-fun this Halloween? Remember to be COVID Safe.

23 October 2020

There are no restrictions stopping trick or treating this Halloween, but it’s important to be responsible if you decide to head out.

If you plan to trick or treat

  • Keep it local by staying in your suburb rather than going to well-known “treat streets” that attract crowds.
  • Stay in small household groups (for example, a supervising adult and children from the same household) rather than groups of young people together.
  • Stay 1.5 metres away from people you don’t live with.
  • Only accept individually wrapped sweets or treat bags.
  • Avoid sharing your treats with others from different households.
  • Carry hand sanitiser with you and use it often, especially after touching common surfaces.
  • If a particular house looks busy, move onto the next house or come back later.

If you plan to hand out treats

  • Make it a front-yard event, rather than using the front-door of your house.
  • Keep the handling of treats to a minimum and use individually wrapped treat bags or tongs to hand out treats.
  • Consider other ways of distributing treats, such as hanging them individually on your fence, front gate or up your driveway.
  • Offer hand sanitiser at your front gate or fence.

Keen to join the fun, but not comfortable with spooky people knocking on your door? Consider putting up a sign that says “We are home but due to COVID-19, we are distancing. Please take some sweets. Happy Halloween!”.

Please Remember

  • If you have any symptoms over Halloween, stay home, don’t receive visitors and get tested immediately.
  • If you are self-isolating, don’t answer the door to trick-or-treaters.

Thinking of hosting a Halloween gathering at your home?

While there are no longer restrictions for household visits, we must all be sensible when having people to our homes and put control measures in place. Find out how to host a safe gathering on the ACT COVID-19 website.

Keep up to date with the latest health guidance at

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