Mowing grass

There are 70 mowers available in a variety of sizes. Each mower covers an average of 68 hectares every four weeks.

03 September 2020

With winter over, grass is set to grow again around town.

The City Services crews have started their annual mowing program to help keep our city looking neat and tidy.

Grassed areas in parks, open spaces, pathways and laneways will be mown every four weeks, and roadside areas every five weeks.

With recent wet weather, and more forecast, grass growth is expected to intensify across the city.

Sportsgrounds and irrigated park areas will be mown more frequently to ensure they are suitable for sport and recreational use.

Keep in mind that, occasionally, grass growth rates can exceed the available mowing capacity. This may also be due to equipment failure or weather conditions.

During wet weather mowing is not completed as it may cause damage to the ground, with mowers becoming bogged and making mowing activity ineffective. In such cases, “Be Right Back” signage will be installed to notify the community that the area is too wet to mow.

Did you know?

  • The crews have 70 mowers, with each mower covering an average of 68 hectares every four weeks.
  • The fleet consists of a range of mowers for different areas and range from 1.5 to 4.7 metres in size.
  • Mowing along high-speed roads requires extra care to ensure safety and minimise disruption to traffic, so mowers sometimes work outside of regular business hours.
  • Mowers are well-maintained but do sometimes break down and require servicing, meaning the total fleet is not always available on any given day.

Want to stay updated on mowing in Canberra?

An online mowing map shows where crews have recently mowed and are planning to mow in the coming weeks.

Scheduled mowing may be delayed due to weather conditions.

To check out the mowing map, head to

All Canberra

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