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Archie Viswanath has been employed within the ACT Government through the Jobs for Canberrans program.

02 September 2020

The Jobs for Canberrans Fund has received an additional $500,000 boost to keep more Canberrans working through COVID-19.

More than 500 new jobs have now been funded through the program, with the latest round of recruits set to join Access Canberra and support the COVID-19 Helpline team, providing frontline communications to Canberrans.

The positions were earmarked for Canberrans who had lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and were ineligible for the Jobkeeper program, including casual staff, international visa holders and international students.

ANU graduate Archie Viswanath was working at a start-up company as a technical business analyst when the pandemic hit in March. He lost his job shortly thereafter.

He applied for the Jobs for Canberrans program in April and secured a position on the COVID-19 Helpline team in May.

Mr Viswanath says that the program has been a lifeline but also a really great opportunity to work in the public sector, providing an unexpected stepping stone for his career.

“It has given me exposure to how the public service works, and also how we contribute to the community,” Mr Viswanath said.

“When I lost my job, I didn't have any source of income. With this job, I can focus on learning and growing my knowledge, along with gaining experience, especially in the public service.

“Without this, it would be really hard for me to find a job because of COVID-19. I can't even imagine such a scenario as it would affect my mental health and would drain me financially.”

For more information on the Jobs for Canberrans Fund, eligibility and how to apply, visit Jobs for Canberrans.

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