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Make the most of part way points with Transport Canberra's top tips.

02 September 2020

Canberra parents who want to avoid school traffic jams are being encouraged to embrace the ‘Part way is okay’ message.

Many schools have seen an increase in traffic around peak times due to COVID-19 physical distancing measures.

A way you can help to reduce this congestion is to try using a part way point. The idea is simple: find a local oval, park or street close to the school where you can park and your child can walk the rest of the way.

Using a part way point can be a convenient, flexible option as you can adjust your part way point to suit your changing daily needs.

Make the most of part way points with Transport Canberra’s top tips:

  • Make the trip quicker by packing your child’s bike or scooter - make sure they don’t forget their helmet!
  • Use Transport Canberra’s map of your school to find suggested part way points.
  • When using a part way point, make sure to park legally and safely. Don’t block driveways or park in front of gates, bins or letterboxes.
  • Have a chat with your child about walking and riding safely to school. Remind them to use crossings and underpasses where possible and to never run across a road.
  • Using a part way point can significantly reduce the traffic congestion around our schools.
  • It’s also a great way to incorporate some exercise into your child’s daily routine. As the weather warms up, it’s a great way for your child to enjoy the morning sunshine on their walk to school.

For more information on part way point drop off points visit the Transport Canberra website.

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