Jason Richie of Fitness First

Jason Richie, club manager of Fitness First Deakin, says health and safety of staff and members is their top priority.

01 September 2020

Gyms are sanctuaries. They are places where personal goals are reached and challenges met. They are a space to train, to switch off or start the day or where you find your elusive “me time”.

Fitness First Deakin is raising the bar on COVID-19 gym compliance and ensuring Canberrans can train with confidence.

“Health and safety of our staff and members is our top priority at all Fitness First’s across the country,” said Deakin club manager, Jason Richie, who started his fitness career at CIT 14 years ago.

“All our staff have completed the COVIDSafe training and we have a COVIDSafe plan that we use every day.

“The minute you walk into Fitness First you can see the new rules and restrictions.

“We are advising people that if they feel unwell to stay home and to practice good hand hygiene.”

The frequent cleaning and sanitization undertaken by Fitness First staff gives new meaning to the gym lingo of ‘reps and sets’.

“The first thing we do each morning is to make sure that all the deep cleaning is complete, and we continue cleaning frequently throughout the day,” Jason said.

“Every second piece of cardio equipment is turned off for social distancing and we are wiping down the equipment between every use.

“We also have hand hygiene stations in every area.”

Fitness First has adapted their vibrant brand to create a COVIDSafe environment with equipment signage and floor markers prompting members and staff to stay distanced and safe.

“Fitness First Australia has been working closely with the Federal and State Government as well as Fitness Australia to make sure we are staying up to date with all the restrictions and changes,” said Jason, who wears the COVIDSafe training badge to demonstrate his commitment.

“The ACT Government website has been fantastic and there are lots of tools and information.

“The communication points have been really easy, and we hear back quickly [when we ask a question to Access Canberra].”

Fitness First operates in the ACT at Deakin and in the Canberra Centre.

To find out more on business resources, services and support available visit www.COVID19.act.gov.au or call the Business Advice Line 02 6205 0900.

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