Canberra Big Battery

30 April 2021

Work on a Big Canberra Battery which will aim to reduce household electricity prices, increase network reliability, and generate new revenue opportunities for the ACT, is underway.

The Big Canberra Battery will provide at least 250MW of power across the ACT once complete.

The government kicked off the first stage of the project in April 2021 by asking industry and key stakeholders for input on how they think the Big Canberra Battery would work in the ACT. This advice will be used to shape the expression of interest and procurement processes for the battery.

Big battery storage is being used more and more in cities as a sustainable option to store energy in off-peak times and release energy across the city at peak times, helping to avoid blackouts during periods of high demand.

The Big Canberra Battery will aim to:

  • increase network reliability as more houses and businesses move to electricity and electric vehicles
  • allow the ACT to better integrate increased renewable energy supply into the network
  • put downward pressure on electricity prices for households and businesses
  • generate new revenue opportunities for the ACT.

The Big Canberra Battery project will be complete in 2023-24 and is part of a zero net emissions future for the ACT.

Find out more here: Big Canberra Battery - Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate - Environment (

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