Softball Australia Open Women’s Squad Member Clare Warwick.

Softball Australia Open Women’s Squad Member Clare Warwick.

19 April 2021

With just under 100 days until the rescheduled Tokyo Olympic Games, every minute counts for athletes like Clare Warwick.

“With 100 days to go, training is ramping up… it’s great to be back on track for Tokyo,” the Softball Australia Open Women’s Squad Member said.

Due to the pandemic, the Tokyo Olympic Games were rescheduled by exactly one year, with the new dates set for 23 July to 8 August 2021 for the Olympic Games and 24 August to 5 September 2021 for the Paralympic Games.

To support athletes in the leadup to the games, the ACT Government has provided $300,000 towards their success, which includes $100,000 for 32 local athletes under the ACT Training Assistance Program, and $100,000 each for the Australian Olympic Team and Paralympics Australia Team appeals.

“The ACT Government’s support through the Training Assistance Program will really help me to focus on and get the most of out of my training and preparation so that I am ready to perform in Japan,” Clare said.

The funding helps athletes meet increased training and competition costs in the lead up to Tokyo, which includes travel, training and equipment costs, as well as additional coaching.

Clare has said the preparation for Tokyo has been a “silver lining” after a difficult year.

“Last year was tough, especially in Australia because we rely a lot on going overseas,” she said.

“The last couple of years we had been able to play in the national pro fastpitch league in the US, and I rely a lot on that to get quality experience.

“However, having the extra time to strengthen and condition [after an injury last year] has put me in a confident position to compete.”

For now, Clare is enjoying the preparation for Tokyo, which includes many full days of training with her teammates.

“We’re enjoying being together which is something we haven’t had in a long time,” she said.

“I still enjoy my preparation, even if things are uncertain, training is one thing I can control.”

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