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06 April 2021

The ACT Government will invest $700,000 to establish the ‘Canberra Cyber Hub’ to advance and showcase Canberra’s expertise as the cyber capital of Australia.

The Canberra Cyber Hub will also harness Canberra’s unique cyber capabilities to create more jobs and further diversify the ACT economy, while growing the ACT’s cyber security sector.

Cyber security is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. Over the next few years, Australia’s spending in the sector is expected to grow by 35 percent to $7.6 billion, while an estimated 7,000 additional cyber security jobs will be created.

Dr Michael Frater, formerly of UNSW Canberra, will lead the establishment of the Canberra Cyber Hub project, which will focus on four key objectives:

  • Growing Canberra’s cyber security education pathways;
  • Accelerating SMEs to grow connections and attract investment;
  • Promoting the ACT’s research capabilities; and
  • Showcasing Canberra’s cyber security capabilities.

Dr Frater will work closely with stakeholders to develop the design and function of the Canberra Cyber Hub, with collaboration at the centre of the project.

“The Canberra Cyber Hub will aim to build our skilled workforce through education, helping start-ups and other businesses attract investment, showcase our research capabilities and cement Canberra as a key player in the national and international cyber security landscape,” Dr Frater said.

The initial $700,000 investment will go towards:

  • funding the Canberra Innovation Network to accelerate the growth of small and medium enterprises;
  • developing an ‘education portal’ to help students and businesses navigate education pathways in Canberra; and
  • promoting Canberra’s cyber security capabilities.
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