Hydrogen refuelling station in Fyshwick

26 March 2021

Australia’s first public Hydrogen refuelling station, operated by ActewAGL, has opened in Fyshwick, marking a major milestone in the rollout of zero emissions vehicles in the ACT.

In an exciting step for Canberra’s renewable energy innovation, this station means that fuel cell electric vehicles will operate alongside battery run vehicles on our roads, leading the way for zero emissions transport in Canberra.

The ACT Government will also use this station to service Australia’s first government fleet of hydrogen vehicles, 20 Hyundai NEXOs, as the government continues to transition 100% of its passenger fleet to zero emissions vehicles where fit for purpose.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have many benefits, including shorter refuelling times, a greater range than battery electric alternatives and they also purify the air as they drive, helping to remove harmful particulates produced by petrol and diesel vehicles.

The ACT continues to lead the electric vehicle revolution in Australia and to take leading action on climate change through innovative Renewable Reverse Auctions. The green hydrogen produced in the station will be done so using 100% renewable electricity.

The station and the 20 cars are the result of the commitment by Neoen as part of their successful Hornsdale wind farm bid in 2016.

Neoen, ActewAGL, Hyundai and SG Fleet have all helped make this project a success.

You can find out more about the ACT Government’s commitment to zero emissions vehicles on the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development website.

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