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COVID-19 has reminded us of our responsibilities to each other and the power of community.

11 March 2021

Twelve months ago the ACT recorded its first COVID-19 case. Since that time, like the rest of the country and the world, our city has undergone a period of immense change. However, Canberra’s community spirit, our resilience and determination, our generosity and ingenuity have never been more evident.

Organisations small and large, local businesses, school communities and families across this city have all demonstrated that we are courageous, adaptable, and able to tackle any challenge thrown our way.

We’ve seen a dramatic rise in the use of technology. As we’ve adjusted to life working from home, or staying at home and keeping in touch with loved ones, we have embraced the many benefits of modern technology. New babies were introduced via FaceTime, grandparents’ birthdays were celebrated on Zoom, friendships were nurtured in WhatsApp. As we stayed home and stayed safe, we used technology more than ever before to stay connected.

COVID-19 has also strengthened our sense of community. Whether it was checking in on neighbours, dropping off care packages, or offering to do groceries – Canberrans rallied around those who needed social connection or assistance most.

We’ve embraced the great outdoors. Whether it’s trips to Tidbinbilla, adventures through the Arboretum or more time spent at our lakes and local parks, keeping it local has meant Canberrans have had an opportunity to holiday at home, rediscovering the very best our city has to offer.

We’re now on a first name basis with our local delivery driver. If your workday at home has been frequently punctuated by a smart rap on the door, you’re definitely not alone. Meals, groceries, medications and parcel deliveries have all skyrocketed, as we’ve embraced steering clear of shops and supermarkets to stay safe.

And in the midst of so much change, we’ve heard from Canberrans who hope some of the changes stick around for the long haul. Initiatives like booking a spot at Canberra’s public pools, reduced capacity at sporting and event venues, and hygiene stations all around town, are all examples of COVID-Safe initiatives Canberrans are enjoying.

Every Canberran has had to make sacrifices over the last year in order to keep our community safe. For your efforts, we would like to say a loud and resounding, ‘thank you’. COVID-19 is not yet over, but as a community we are ready to tackle future challenges together.

All Canberra

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