Students of the Amaroo Primary school dropping off bags of containers for the ACT Container Deposit Scheme

Students at Amaroo Primary School have taken a step forward for sustainability with use of the ACT Container Deposit Scheme.

24 August 2022

The Amaroo Primary School community is serious about sustainability.

With the help of the Student Representative Council (SRC) and the school’s Green Team, students are diverting recyclable materials from landfill using the ACT Container Deposit Scheme.

The ACT Container Deposit Scheme collects the most common glass, plastic and aluminium, steel and paper containers and diverts items to be recycled.  A 10-cent refund is returned for each eligible container deposited.

Over the past year the school has returned 4,846 bottles, cans and containers, raising close to $500 to fund further school improvement and sustainability projects.

“The SRC and Green Team spearheaded the project, and came up with ideas to launch the initiative, educate the students on the importance of recycling and how to participate,” teacher Steph Booksmythe said.

“The students see how easy it is to recycle and the benefits to the school, community and the environment, and they take these lessons into the community.”

Amaroo students voted to use the money raised for classroom paper recycling bins and the installation of a second-hand ‘buddy bench’. A buddy bench is a seat used if a child feels lonely to signal that they would like someone to play with.

The school also plans to implement a ‘waste warriors’ program, where students will patrol the playground collecting stray litter items.

The students involved in the SRC are passionate about making their school and community a better place. Year 5 student and SRC member Younus has been heavily involved with the initiative.

Student uses a rubblish claw to pit up a plastic bottle from a wheelie binStudents of the Amaroo Primary School collecting recyclable containers.

“I wanted to be part of SRC because as part of the team I felt like I could help change up the school to be a better place,” Younus said.

“If we send everything to landfill then some of it ends up in the ocean and other places we don’t want it to be, and it could affect animals' lives such as turtles getting stuck in nets.”

ACT Schools can get involved with the Container Deposit Scheme by setting up collection stations and organising regular drop-offs. More information can be found on the ACT Container Deposit Scheme website.


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