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Community sector organisations will receive a funding boost in the 2022-23 ACT Government budget

22 July 2022

After a challenging few years, the ACT Government is prioritising funding for community sector organisations that provide essential services and programs to Canberrans in crisis.

Some the programs and organisations that will receive funding through the 2022-23 ACT Budget include:

Chief Minister’s Charitable Fund charity house program

Grant funding of $750,000 will be provided to Hands Across Canberra, which administers the Chief Minister’s Charitable Fund. This will help to buy land from the Suburban Land Agency in a newly-developed suburb for the development of two charity house projects, with other local partners assisting with building high-quality houses for auction on the private market. The proceeds of the house sales will then be available, through the Chief Minister’s Charitable Fund, to help other local charities to continue their work in support if the Canberra community.

Ongoing support for palliative care in the ACT

Palliative Care ACT will receive $2.59 million to fund Leo’s Place on an ongoing basis. Leo’s Place is the only non-clinical, home-like palliative care respite facility in the ACT and a first for Australia. This funding commitment follows the successful 18-month trial of the concept.

Expanding specialist homelessness service capacity

To provide more support and expand the capacity for the specialist homelessness services sector, approximately $2.216 million over two years in additional funding will be provided under this budget. This includes funding for existing service providers to increase the service capacity and continue the delivery of programs established during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also includes $1.55 million for service system enhancements and improved data collection to support the delivery of efficient, responsive and outcomes based services across the sector.

Support for the development of a Social Recovery Framework  

The Social Recovery Framework will improve the ACT’s planning and preparedness following a disaster in the ACT. The Framework will strengthen relationships between communities and organisations who play a role in the event of a disaster. It will be co-designed with community stakeholders to ensure that social recovery practices in the ACT are centred around our communities and their needs.

Support for carers

Carers play a significant, yet often unrecognised, role in our community. An additional $825,000 over four years will further support the ACT Carers Strategy 2018-2028, building on previous investments. This funding will enable community-based initiatives, awareness-raising activities and resourcing to support the continued operation of the Carers Strategy Governance Group.

Meeting health needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander detainees at the AMC

The ACT Government will provide $9.40 million dollars over four years to continue a holistic model of health service delivery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander detainees. The funding will support the continuation of the Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health and Community Services’ model of care at the Alexander Maconochie Centre.

This year’s budget further strengthens the ACT Government’s investment in services for vulnerable and disadvantaged Canberrans.

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