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Remember to be considerate of neighbours if planning a celebration

27 October 2023

With the festive season fast approaching, Canberrans are reminded to be noise aware and considerate of their neighbours if they’re planning a party or celebration.

Excessive noise can have a significant impact on health and wellbeing. That is why there are noise limits in Canberra’s residential areas, to ensure everyone is comfortable within their own home.

Noise in residential areas is permitted from 7am–10pm Monday to Saturday, and 8am–10pm on Sundays and public holidays. Outside of these times, noise limits apply.

Noise limits are for the benefit of the entire community, but especially help to protect vulnerable Canberrans, such as seniors or those who are unwell. Shift workers or families with small children may also find it especially important for noise limits to be adhered to.

Over the festive season, there may be an increase in noise in your neighbourhood. Often noise concerns can be resolved with a simple conversation with your neighbours.

If you’re planning noisy activities such as a party, let your neighbours know in advance. Often people are more understanding if they know ahead of time when the noise will start and end.

You can also let Access Canberra know so they can manage any noise complaints they might receive on the day.

Being a considerate neighbour also extends to reminding any guests to park safely on your street without blocking any driveways, or if hanging Christmas lights, ensuring they do not shine directly into someone’s home.

For more information on noise management including noise thresholds please visit

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