Remains of a burnt hut in a pile including sheet roofing and burnt wooden beams.

Two new huts will soon be built near the original sites of heritage-listed stockman huts that were destroyed by the Orroral Valley bushfire.

03 October 2023

The ACT Government will build two new huts in Namadgi National Park in remembrance of the heritage-listed stockman huts destroyed during the 2020 Orroral Valley bushfire.

Two new huts will be built near the original sites of the Demandering Hut and Max and Bert Oldfield’s Hut.

The two destroyed huts were part of the Namadgi Stockmen’s Huts heritage listing and the remains of the destroyed huts will also be preserved.

The proposal to build the new huts received overwhelming community support with more than 90 per cent of the 800 responses agreeing with the proposal, proving the historical and cultural significance of both these sites.

A historic huts project will be introduced to bring together knowledge and archaeological investigation into build a single archival record that communicates the story of each original hut place.

The new buildings will be designed and constructed to reduce the risk of fire damage.

The ACT Government will work with a heritage architect and the community to finalise the designs and construction plans for both huts.

Learn more about the Namadgi National Park Huts proposal and how the community had their say on the ACT Government’s YourSay project page.

Graphic depicting hut and people within groups of trees.
Artist's impression of the new Demandering Hut. Credit: Colin Small.

Art graphic of open area with surrounding trees, people standing and a hut.
Artist's impression of the new Max and Bert Oldfields Hut. Credit: Colin Small.

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