Wed, 15 July 2020

The new network will begin in early 2019.

Canberra's new bus network has been announced, explore what's new here.

After a two year trial lane filtering is now legal in Canberra.

Canberra's new bus network will be announced this month and come into effect January 2019.

The results of the new bus network work will be announced in the coming months.

You can now check images of most traffic offences online.

Public Transport users in Canberra can expect a new bus network.

The new School Crossing Supervisor program has been welcomed by schools and parents across Canberra.

There are a range of local businesses across the ACT who are offering ‘bike stop’ facilities to support local and visiting cyclists.

Canberrans and visitors can take public transport from the CBD to the Canberra Airport.

Buses now service Dickson through the new Dickson bus station.

If you are tempted to overstay your parking time limit this summer, don’t!

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