Sun, 6 December 2020

Keep CBR safe and strong over the festive season

GoBoat Canberra is one of the first businesses to register for the ChooseCBR program.

The festive season is fast approaching and Canberrans are reminded to be COVID Safe by shopping early.

Students from Lake Tuggeranong College are excited to prepare for their school formal after a challenging year.

Parkruns are free, weekly 5km 'community events', held across the world.

Canberra Theatre Centre's (CTC) new normal is about being flexible and adaptable.

A local couple who was diagnosed with COVID-19 is encouraging Canberrans not to become complacent.

New restriction changes will allow patrons to eat and drink while standing outdoors.

Canberra nurse Rachel Trushell has been conducting COVID-19 tests since March and strongly encourages anyone in the community to get tested if they are exhibiting any symptoms.

A local couple’s trip of a lifetime turned into a nightmare when they contracted COVID-19.

The Check In CBR app has recorded 1600 registrations and nearly 30,000 downloads in two months.

There are no restrictions stopping trick or treating this Halloween, but it's important to be responsible.

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