Priority Investment Program 2022-2024

The Priority Investment Program (PIP) provides funding to support:

to work together to develop solutions for problems and opportunities in their industry.

The PIP has a total $3.5 million in funding from 2022 to 2024. The second round has $1.2 million available for grants.

What we're looking for

The PIP is looking to:

If you apply, you need to contribute the same amount of money you're requesting in your application.

Please read CBR Switched On: ACT Government’s Economic Development Priorities 2022-2025. It will help with your application.


To be eligible, you must meet all the feasibility measures and address the criteria. We outline this in the 2022-24 Priority Investment Program Guidelines.

Applications are closed.

Contact us

For more information download the 2022-24 Priority Investment Program Guidelines.

Contact the Business and Innovation team on (02) 6207 3037 or