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The Academic Unit of General Practice connects policy and general practice with research and education to improve primary care.

The unit is co-funded by ACT Health and the Australian National University (ANU) School of Medicine and Psychology.

The unit oversees the general practice curriculum for the ANU School of Medicine and Psychology. This includes clinical placements, teaching and curriculum development.


The unit provides:

  • training to medical students
  • clinical placements in general practice
  • supervision to medical students
  • support to general practitioners (GPs) who teach ANU medical students
  • administration of the Peter Sharp Scholarship.

Find out more about general practices that teach medical students.

Go to the ANU website for more information about general practice teaching.


The unit provides research pathways for GPs, GP Registrars, PhD and ANU medical students including:

  • research projects and publications
  • ACT’s practice-based research network (PracNet) involving GPs and academics in the ACT region
  • kindergarten health research.

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Contact PracNet by emailing

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The unit ensures that general practice is represented in the development of local and national policy. The unit’s GP Policy Advisor plays a major role in bridging community general practice with the ACT health system.

The unit organises and hosts an annual ACT Health GP forum to support GP voices and enhance communication across the health sector.


Services include:

  • Support for the administration of the Kindergarten Health Check program.
  • Support for education initiatives through ACT Health and the ANU School of Medicine and Psychology.
  • Administration of the education infrastructure scheme grant program and the practice incentives program for GPs teaching medical students in general practice.
  • Participation on population health and clinical governance committees.
  • Administration of the Peter Sharp Scholarship program to improve regional indigenous health issues by increasing the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical students. The program also provides support for students who are studying Indigenous health at the ANU School of Medicine and Psychology.

Go to the Canberra Health Services website for more information about the Kindergarten Health Check program.

Go to the ANU website for more information about the Peter Sharp Scholarship.

Our staff

  • Dr Mel Dorrington – Chief GP and Primary Care Advisor.
  • A/Prof Katrina Anderson – Head of Education programs. Read the full profile.
  • Brigid Cassells – PA to Chief GP
  • Dr Charles Sleiman – Senior lecturer. Read the full profile.
  • Dr Kathleen O’Brien – Senior Lecturer. Read the full profile.
  • Dr Stephen Martin – Lecturer. Read the full profile.
  • Dr Ashvini Munindradasa – Lecturer. Read the full profile.
  • Dr Dagmar Ceramidas – Business Manager.
  • Karen Ciszek – Registered Research Nurse, Manager of the Kindergarten Health Check program
  • Sharon Abideen - Kindergarten Health Check program administration
  • Donna Anthes – Manager, Education Infrastructure Scheme Grant Program (EISGP) and Practice Incentives Program (PIP)
  • Dr Katelyn Barnes – Senior Research Officer. Read the full profile.
  • Dr Penny Gosling – GP Policy Advisor

Contact information

The unit is located in Building 4, Level 2 of the Canberra Hospital.

For more information email

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