Mon, 28 September 2020

Tikarra Looke has been recognised for her work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Consent cards for school vaccinations will be sent home early in the school year for parents and guardians to sign.

The continuing expansion delivers an additional 400 places for students to meet the needs of the growing Gungahlin community.

In addition to the usual curriculum, students will learn about kitchen etiquette and sustainable healthy cooking.

As Canberra grows, the ACT Government continues to ensure that there is a place for every young person at a great local public school.

The ACT Government has committed to a major upgrade of the campus to improve facilities for all students.

Learn more at CIT Reid's Twilight Enrolment Session.

The new CIT campus planned for Woden will benefits students and local businesses.

Around 300 former contract cleaners have accepted secure jobs with the ACT Government.

On Monday, 3 February, school goes back - and you’ll notice improvements around some Canberra schools.

The first group of three year-old children in the ACT will start publicly-funded early childhood education this year.

Graham Mackay is one of the psychologists supporting ACT students.

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