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Moving into your public housing home

When you move in, you'll get help to fill in the property condition report, get ready for inspections, and learn how to look after your home.

Fill in the property condition report

The property condition report describes the condition of your home before you move in. When you get the keys to your new home it will be clean and in good condition.

You’ll get a copy of the property condition report when you sign the lease. This is an important record of the condition of your home when you move in.

You must:

  • check the report and compare it with the home
  • write on the tenant comment sheet anything you don’t agree with in the report
  • complete the report and make a copy for your records
  • return the original report to Housing ACT within 7 days.

Housing ACT will use the condition report to check the condition of the home when you move out.

Looking after your home

You must look after your home and ask for repairs when you need them. This includes:

  • keeping the home clean and well maintained
  • looking after the front and back yards
  • telling us of any damage as soon as possible
  • taking action to avoid any further damage.

Learn more about looking after your home in the Property Condition and Responsibility Guide.

If your home needs repairs

Find out how to get repairs to your public housing home.

Changes you can make to your home

You must get permission to make changes to your home. You can also get help to make your home easier to live in.

Find out what changes you can make and how to get permission.

Prepare for home visits

You’ll get 2 home visits from your housing manager in the first 12 months:

  • once in the first 3 months to check everything is working for you.
  • once in the first 12 months they’ll do a full inspection of the home. If everything is going okay, you will start yearly inspections.

Be home for the visit

You will get a letter 7 to 14 days before the visit.

You must either:

We do not have copies of your keys. We cannot enter your home if you are not there.

If you cannot be at home

Call your housing manager to arrange a better time.

If you don’t tell us you won’t be home

If we visit twice and you are not home both times, we may start legal action to come into your home.

During the visit

Your housing manager will complete an inspection report. They will check:

  • your home is being looked after
  • if your home needs any repairs
  • if you need any other support.

Your housing manager will talk to you about any debts you have. You can talk about any other issues or concerns you have.

You can ask your housing manager for help to:

  • set-up rent payments
  • apply for the rental rebate
  • ask for maintenance
  • apply to make changes your home.

You can also get support:

  • for health issues or disability
  • to manage your money.

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