Welcome to the ACT Open Access Information website.

This is where you will find open access information released by ACT Government agencies under the Freedom of Information Act 2016.

Public access to government information ensures greater transparency and strengthens democratic government. Information sharing better enables the community to contribute to policy formulation, assist government regulation, participate in program administration, provide evidence to support decision making and evaluate service delivery performance. A free flow of information between government, business and the community also stimulates innovation to the economic and social advantage of the nation.

The ACT Open Access Information website provides a convenient, central place from which the community can search for agencies’ functional information, policies, information about government grants and other categories of open access information released under the Freedom of Information Act 2016. The site also provides links to other important sources of government information such as legislation, the ACT Budget, open data, and historical government archives.

ACT Government agencies are progressively making open access information available. If you do not find the information you are looking for through the open access information search, try a search using the All ACT Government search box, or visit the ACT Government Information Portal. You can also contact the relevant ACT Government agency directly, or contact Access Canberra.

Further information about ACT Open Access Information is available from the FAQs page.

Comments or questions? Please contact us via TRO@act.gov.au