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Canberra motorists will continue to have access to real-time fuel pricing.

01 November 2023

Canberra motorists will continue to have access to real-time fuel pricing at petrol stations across the ACT, following a successful trial of the FuelCheck scheme in the ACT.

For many households the cost of fuel is a significant expense. Canberra motorists will be able to continue to find cost savings on fuel as the ACT Government continues to work with the NSW Government to provide the popular FuelCheck scheme in the ACT.

By shopping around and checking FuelCheck, Canberra motorists can enjoy savings of, on average, 11 cents per litre on standard unleaded, 15 cents per litre on premium unleaded; and 25 cents per litre on diesel and pay less than the national average for their fuel.

This means a motorist who drives an average of 12,100 kilometres per year could save around $140-$200 for a petrol car and $350 for a diesel car, annually.

Since FuelCheck’s introduction in the ACT in November 2022, the app was downloaded around 100,000 times by Canberrans.

Over 95 per cent of ACT service stations have signed up to FuelCheck and there has been a high level of retailer and consumer satisfaction with the tool.

Opting into the FuelCheck scheme has also given small and independent ACT operators the opportunity to take advantage of free price advertising and bring awareness of their location to a larger audience.

Along with giving motorists the capacity to save, FuelCheck also allows users to see information on when the best day of the week to buy, and to receive alerts on when prices drop at favourite stations.

“The NRMA is pleased to see the continuation of FuelCheck in the ACT to give motorists greater pricing transparency,” Peter Khoury, NRMA Spokesman, said.

“As fuel prices remain volatile and cost of living continues to rise, FuelCheck will continue to make a massive difference for consumers by ensuring they can always find the best price fuel near them.

“As the Christmas period approaches, real-time fuel prices will help motorists to better plan their journeys and when and where they should fill up,” he said.

More information on fuel pricing in the ACT and the FuelCheck scheme is available at

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