Mon, 10 August 2020

Construction is due to begin in 2021, with the project set to support local jobs and economic growth.

The Former Transport Depot in Kingston is undergoing major infrastructure upgrades.

Avid bike-riders of Canberra will be able to enjoy a new bikeway in Belconnen later this year.

The labyrinth weir, which features a saw-tooth profile, enables more water to pass downstream.

The new Stromlo Leisure Centre in Canberra’s south is on track to be completed in mid-2020.

There have been upgrades to parks, shops and playgrounds in the Tuggeranong region.

Improvements to footpaths will make it easier for residents of all ages to move around our suburbs.

Canberra now has its first ever ‘splash pad’, at the Kambah Village shopping centre.

Roads are being resurfaced all over Canberra.

We’ve upgraded the the Dickson Pool forecourt for the summer.

Construction is coming to an end at new nature play spaces at Glebe Park in the city and Eddison Park at Phillip.

The inner south's historic public pool has been revamped ahead of its 89th swimming season.

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